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The # 1 company in air duct cleaning in Outaouais and Ottawa!

Optimum quality

At Air-Pure Outaouais, our quality of service is our distinction, which makes us the # 1 company in Gatineau/Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Why & who are we?

At Air-pure Outaouais, we are the #1 business simply because we like to serve our customers and create a pleasant living environment. To achieve this, we use the most efficient technologies in terms of air duct cleaning. This ensures an optimal ventilation system and fresh air free of germs and bacteria.


A unique service

Who are we ? Our goal, at Air-pure Outaouais, is to offer you a unique and quality service at an affordable price. Our team has expertise based on extensive experience and continuing education. We will meet your expectations and maintain the lungs of your home, which are the basis of a healthy living environment.

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Your ventilation system works like lungs, allowing your home to breathe in and out of the air. A house generates several quantities of dust that enter through the air inlets and are filtered to be pushed back by the exits of each room of the house.

Over the years, the ventilation system becomes clogged with dust, fibres, hair, etc. – contaminants that can affect your health. A clean ventilation system is a healthy environment.

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