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Air-Pure Outaouais is the expert in air ducts cleaning. Air ducts can contain a lot of dust and this has an impact on the air that people breathe. Your ventilation system acts as a lung for your home. As you know, a home produces a large amount of dust that is filtered through the air ducts to be redirected into every room in your home. Over the years, your ventilation system accumulates dust, fibers and hair, as well as contaminants that can affect your health. It is therefore essential to have your ducts cleaned in order to have a clean system and a healthy environment. We advise our customers to change the filter in their home every 3 months.

Air-Pure Outaouais offers complete cleaning of your central system. Our prices are always affordable and the quality of our services is very high. The satisfaction of our customers is important, our commitment is to remove all the dust from your ventilation ducts respecting the environment.

In addition, we clean air ducts, ventilation, air exchangers, heat pumps, dryer ducts, kitchen hoods, air conditioning coils and do post-disaster cleaning. 

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