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Air-Pure Outaouais

Air-Pure Outaouais offers residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and government air or ventilation duct cleaning services.

 We would like to point out that our team has more than 25 years of experience in the field, which makes us the # 1 company in the Gatineau region and the city of Ottawa!

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We offer our services for new constructions and existing residences. Customer satisfaction is paramount, our commitment is to remove all dust from your ventilation ducts while respecting the environment.

Commercial & Industrial

Who says industrial says larger area! It is for this reason that at Air-Pure Outaouais we attach great importance to planning.

Inspection with duct report

At Air-Pure Outaouais, we have the equipment and expertise to inspect your air ducts at an affordable rate, by video or photo. This allows us to create an inspection report for new buyers.

Air quality 

Air quality is essential for good health, and well-cleaned air ducts ensure this quality. That’s why our team uses an air purification technique made from 100% organic essential oil. All our products are also ecological and respectful of the environment.

We treat our customers like one big family, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial. We always take the time to offer you quality service, to explain all the stages of our work and to answer all your questions.

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Breathing at its best !

Every day we breathe more than 22,000 times. However, most of us don’t even stop to think about our breath. Still, breathing is no less important and so is your home. In addition, this is why at Air-Pure Outaouais we offer cleaning and maintenance services for your air and ventilation ducts that ensure air quality!