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Air quality test

Molds, spores and fungi present in high concentrations in the air are harmful to health. The discovery of mold can lead to important work. It becomes essential to conduct an air quality test to ensure that there is no mold in the walls, under the floors, and in the attic before purchasing a property for example.

There are many factors that can lead to mold, including long-standing (often undetected) water infiltration combined with poor ventilation that prevents moisture from evaporating properly. There are also several situations that are more conducive to the development of mold, which should be addressed at construction.

The air test is particularly useful before buying a property, before and after decontamination if the house was used for cannabis cultivation, if it was isolated with vermiculite that may contain asbestos, if there is a hint of hidden defects such as presence of molds for example.

Air-Pure Outaouais offers air quality analysis services so you can enjoy the well-being, comfort and health of a healthy indoor environment.

Our air and indoor environment analysis services are adapted to the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional & government sectors.

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